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Is there an economic rationale for industrial policy?
Mercredi 20 mars 2024, 8:30 - 9:45

Séance présidée et modérée par Thomas Grejbine, économiste, responsable du programme  « Macroéconomie et finance internationales » , CEPII


  • Nathan Lane, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Oxford; Fellow, Merton College, Oxford; Co-founder, Industrial Policy Group


Téléchargez la présentation (réservé aux membres du Club)

Nathan Lane


Industrial policy has risen to the top of most governments' policy agendas after decades of skepticism, if not outright hostility.  Is this the result of sheer opportunism or is there an economic rationale behind this trend and, if so, what does it tell us about the evidence-based objectives and modalities of industrial policy? Oxford Professor Nathan Lane will share with us the latest findings from academic research and the extent to which they provide a nuanced and contextualized understanding of the impact of industrial policy.

The presentation will be held in English and the Q&A session in English and French.

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