Global economy and Abenomics: the fruits and future prospects
Wednesday 27 september 2017, 9h00-10h30, 75007 Paris 

Chaired by Sébastien Jean, Director of the CEPII




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In this talk, we provide overview of the special features of ABENOMICS by covering the present, past 5 years and outlook.

ABENOMICS is designed to be a mindset revolution from the frozen state of the economy after the burst of the bubble economy in the 1990’s Japan has been a front runner in “Japanization”, which means other advanced nations are also experience balance sheet adjustments and subsequent secular stagnation.

There is a general view that the Japanese economy will possibly decline in the 2020’s.

Contrary to this prevailing pessimism, we have a more optimistic view and we conclude that Japan is a leader in crisis response during the long history after the Second World War.

Japan’s experience in dealing with the aging society, financial crisis and environmental issues provides a lesson for other advanced nations.

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