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Migration Rights versus Labour Migration
Friday 20 November 2015, 9 h 00 - 10 h 30,  75007 Paris 



  • Martin Ruhs, Associate Professor of Political Economy at Oxford University

  • Lionel Ragot, Scientific Advisor on Emerging Economies & International Migrations - Discussant and Chair

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The rights that are granted to migrant workers when arriving in high income countries is one of the most contentious issues related to international labor migrations.
In a recent book « The Price of Rights: Regulating International Labor Migration » Martin Ruhs finds that greater equality of rights for migrant workers can come at the price of more restrictive admission policies, especially for lower-skilled workers.
He advocates the liberalisation of international labour migration through temporary migration programs that protect a universal set of core rights and restrict a few specific rights that create net costs for receiving countries.

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