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What do YOU think?
Brainstorming: The ECB, Greece and the Euro area – "make it or break it?"
Wednesday 21 January 2015, 9 h 30 - 10 h 45,  75007 Paris 

Chaired by Natacha Valla, Deputy-Director of CEPII

What is a Brainstroming session ?

  • 20 people gather around one same table

  • After making a short introduction the Chair will animate and moderate the debate.

  • Each participant will be expected to take part in the discussions although no preparation is required as the session should be spontanneous.

Session Materials


For those who believe that 2015 will be a "make it or break it" year, January will be a steep start into it: on 22 January, the Governing Council of the ECB will meet to decide whether it will embark on a fully-fledged quantitative easing programme. Observers are anxious about the outcome, and Mario Draghi made it clear that no monetary union can last without more political integration. At the same time, political risk is rising in the Euro area, as Greek elections are looming (25 January). This session will aim to collectively brainstorm (after a brief kick-off introduction) on those two upcoming events and their implications for the short and longer future.

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